CVHC provides Routine Order Sets for HF, COPD, Anticoagulation, DVT, Dobutamine, and other infusions.

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    Referrals and Information
    Hospitalized Patient Referral:
    Write “CVHC to consult” on chart.

    All Other Patient Referrals:
    Call 817 847-8888
    Fax 847-1884

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    The American College of Cardiology and
    The American Heart Association agree:

    • Heart Failure (HF) patients need close attention and follow-up between physician visits;
    • Patient education, monitoring and close supervision at home reduce the likelihood of noncompliance with diet and medication;
    • Noncompliance profoundly affects the HF patient’s clinical status; increases in body weight and minor changes in symptoms commonly precede major clinical episodes; and
    • Specialized home care provides significant clinical benefits for HF patients.