Optimize recovery results with our effective home rehab program.

    Smooth, successful recuperation following joint repair/replacement.

    OHC gives your patients the benefit of our therapists’ effective, results-oriented experience in providing home rehab for total hip and total knee replacements. Our PTs perform rehab, explain activity restrictions, and teach progressive exercise routines to return patients to normal function. Our RNs manage our unique Anticoagulation Program, with state-of-the-art bedside testing, tracking and remote reporting of precise anticoagulation flow records within minutes of testing/titration.

    Referrals and Information
    Hospitalized Patient Referral:

    Write “OHC to consult” on chart.

    All Other Patient Referrals:
    Call 817 -847-8888
    Fax 817-847-1884

    Email for more information.