Feel Better About Getting
    Better at Home

    After joint surgery, get the benefit of our experience with Orthopedic Home Care’s comprehensive home rehab.


    When your orthopedic surgeon recommends joint repair or joint replacement surgery, you are sure to have many questions. One important consideration is how well your recovery and recuperation at home will proceed. Many surgeons refer their patients to OHC for home rehabilitation, which starts the day after you get home from the hospital.

    Our experienced, professional staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists and RNs can be with you when you get home to help you achieve a safe, smooth and rapid recovery.

    RNs on the OHC team evaluate your needs after surgery. If you will be receiving blood-thinning (anticoagulation) medications, RN specialists monitor your progress.

    Working together, you’ll have all the support you
    need to get back on your feet.