Caregiver Worries?

Caring for an aging parent or loved one can seem overwhelming at times. You need to be at your best-- healthy, happy, rested, relieved of stress--to do what’s best for the time being and what’s right for the future. Take a moment to download and read our Caregiver Questionnaire for insight into how YOU are feeling.




    Worried about Mom or Dad?

    Effective solutions for families facing new problems with aging seniors.

    If life is getting harder for an aging parent or loved one, Safe Choices can help.

    It‘s a fact of life no one likes to face. As we age, it gets harder to get around, to take care of ourselves, and to safely maintain our homes or live alone. Add too many “senior moments” (cognitive functioning problems) to the physical changes that result from normal aging or age-related chronic conditions, and suddenly there can be real safety concerns and important quality-of-life issues for our parents and loved ones.

    Safe Choices enhances the safety of seniors by providing families and physicians with an action plan and professional assistance to achieve the home care services and living environment that best promotes the health, safety, and happiness of seniors. We provide solutions--quickly, compassionately and professionally.

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