CardioVascular Home Care Awarded AdvisorMed's 2011 "Great Texas Home Health Care Award"

    AdvisormedApril 12, 2011

    -–CardioVascular Home Care has achieved AdvisorMed's 2011 Great Texas Home Health Care Award by demonstrating results that consistently exceed patients’ expectations.
    CardioVascular Home Care ranks within the top tier of all the home healthcare agencies in Texas. To calculate this award, AdvisorMed uses a variety of national standardized data including information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) along with consumer reviews.
    “In achieving this award, CardioVascular Home Care has demonstrated its commitment to the highest level of care for its patients that goes beyond the typical requirements for most Home Health Care Agencies,” says James Taylor, CEO of AdvisorMed, “I want to congratulate CVHC for successfully achieving these results.”
    AdvisorMed is a free, online report card/healthcare guide featuring home health care agencies, nursing homes, and hospitals. The organization's goal is to help consumers with their healthcare choices. Visit the site at www.advisormed.com.

    “AdvisorMed’s Award further demonstrates our significant investment in quality care, expert staff and innovative programs. This recognition from AdvisorMed helps recognize our commitment to excellence,” says Bridgette Campbell, CEO, CardioVascular Home Care.  “Achieving the ‘Great Texas Home Health Care Award’ also assures our patients and families that CVHC  is  maintaining excellence and is working to continually improve the care we provide.”
    Founded in 1994, CardioVascular Home Care is an RN-owned and managed home healthcare company providing a high level of technology-supported, consistent, quality nursing and ancillary services to patients with chronic heart and lung disease in the Greater Fort Worth metropolitan area.
    CVHC is  also the parent company for Orthopedic Home Care, a home rehabilitation service for orthopedic patients to begin the smooth, successful recovery from joint replacement surgery at home.
    CVHC is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and is affiliated with the National Association of Home Care,
    Home Health Nurses Association, Heart Failure Society of America and the Texas Association of Home Care.

    Lavina, Rose, Kim and Lynn

    Thank you all for taking such good care of me after my hip surgery. I’m doing well and improving each day. My challenge now is learning to walk without limping! Thanks for making my “at home” recovery a positive healing experience!


    Dear Cardiovascular Home Care

    I have been a patient of your home health care from September 20-October 15, 2010 after a total knee replacement and I wanted you to know that your physical therapist and nurses have done a fantastic job. When they asked me at the hospital which home health care I would prefer, I chose to go with the one that my doctor recommended and I am very glad that i did.

    Susie Reynolds was my physical therapist and I cannot say enough good things about her. She was always the professional, pushing me to do more so I could accomplish my goals after my knee replacement. Susie was prompt and let me know exactly when to expect her visits. If something held her up, she called to let me know, which I appreciated. She was patient and understanding when it hurt but she and I both realized that I had to push to reach my goal. She was always cheerful and considerate and my husband and I both felt that I could not have been in better hands. She has a terrific personality that makes you want to do better, no matter how much it may hurt. As a result of her excellent care, I am walking without the limp that I had for so many years and am able to get around so much better.

    My nurses were Sonja, Gerry and Eileen. They were so professional and caring, always asking how I felt and if I had any problems. they were prompt and also let me know exactly when they were going to be here. I had every confidence in them and although I did not have any problems after they surgery, I knew I could call them at any time if I had a question. they took care to emphasize the fact that they were always available to me if I had the need for them and when you are recovering from surgery, that is a very comforting feeling.

    I am a retired teacher and I realize Susie, Sonja, Gerry and Eileen do not always get thanked for doing their jobs well. They do not get many pats on the back for the tremendous job that they do. They are the people that make your office such a success and I a sure, so popular with the various doctors who use your services. Thank you for four weeks of excellent home health care. I appreciate what these professionals did for me--they are responsible for getting me back in shape. I would like you to share this letter with the people I have mentioned if you can. I have expressed my feelings to them but I think they would like to know that I have written about them in a positive manner.